How to Share Android phone VPN with PC or Any Device

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how can we share our smartphone’s Internet connection with our pc Via Bluetooth? is it possible?
yes, it’s verified a confirmed working

This is one of the advantages of owning a smartphone at least it will lessen the need of purchasing USB moderns since we can share our phones Internet via USB cable, WiFi Hotspot and now Bluetooth, the Bluetooth component on our phone is always idle, let’s give her some work.

Pros and cons of sharing our Internet connection via Bluetooth:


  • It consumes less battery unlike Hotspot
  • We can connect to many devices at the same time.
  • The connection is secured and cannot easily be hacked unless you pair up with anonymous persons
  • With Bluetooth tethering, we can connect to a WiFi Hotspot and still share the connection with others via Bluetooth


  • Bluetooth connection can be slow compared to other forms of tethering
  • Bluetooth tethering has a lower range of connection.

Alright straight to how we can Tether our Bluetooth connection with our pc

Things needed before one can share phone’s Internet connection with PC via Bluetooth

  • an android phone with a working Bluetooth component
  • A PC with an inbuilt Bluetooth Compo or an external Bluetooth device connected to the pc.
  • and adhering to the instructions below promptly


  • Go to your android phone settings and turn Bluetooth ON
  • Go to your pc under settings, devices then Bluetooth turn it on
  • Go to the Bluetooth icon on your taskbar, right-click and select “Open settings” a page will display, tick on the box “Allow Bluetooth devices see the name of this PC”
  • Now go to phone Bluetooth settings, search for new devices your pc name will be on the list after the scan, connect as shown in the screenshots below

Pair with your pc


  • Turn your phone data connection on
  • Go to settings, under wireless and network, Tethering and hotspot, turn Bluetooth Tethering on


Head straight to your PC, on the Bluetooth icon on the Taskbar, right-click, select”Join a Personal Area network“, then the available networks will display, i. e your device name, right-click on your device click on connect then access point as shown below



A successfully connected pop up will display, at this stage, you have successfully connected your phone Internet via Bluetooth, your phone will equally show that a Bluetooth Hotspot is connected and running


You can now surf the Internet on your pc via your android smartphone Bluetooth aided connection connection

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