OPPO K10 Pro 5G opens Android 13 / ColorOS 13 internal test: equipped with Snapdragon 888 chip

OPPO K10 Pro 5G opens Android 13 / ColorOS 13 internal test: equipped with Snapdragon 888 chip

OPPO K10 Pro 5G opens Android 13 / ColorOS 13 internal test: equipped with Snapdragon 888 chip

Naija Tech News on October 24 that the OPPO K10 Pro 5G mobile phone has opened the internal test log recruitment, and supports the upgrade to the new ColorOS 13.0 x Android 13 system

Naija Tech News has learned that in terms of mobile phone configuration, OPPO K10 Pro was released in April this year, equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor , full version of LPDDR5 memory + UFS 3.1 flash memory, equipped with diamond VC liquid cooling system; 5000mAh battery, support 80W fast 100% charge in 31 minutes. In terms of imaging, the OPPO K10 Pro has 16MP front and 50MP (IMX766, OIS) + 8MP ultra-wide-angle + 2MP macro triple cameras at the rear. In other respects, OPPO K10 Pro is equipped with Dolby stereo dual speakers, front and rear dual sensors, flagship X-axis linear motor, enhanced Wi-Fi6, and fully intelligent NFC.

【Recruitment details】

Recruitment model: K10 Pro 5G

Recruitment time: 2024/10/24 – 2024/10/25 14:00

Review time: It is expected that the review will be conducted in batches within 5 working days after the recruitment ends. Please refer to the application interface for the review results.

Version push time: The version will be pushed in batches within 3 working days after the review is completed

【Application Instructions】

1. In the new upgrade internal test, the internal test version will be divided into log version and nolog version. The recruitment version of this internal test is the log version. Both versions are internal beta versions, their running effects are not as stable as the official version, and there are some bugs. The main differences are as follows:

Log version: The log grab switch is always on by default, which will affect the performance and battery life of the phone, but it will not affect the normal use of the phone. If you encounter problems with the version, you can go to the feedback toolbox to submit log feedback. The test period of the internal beta log version is 4~6 months. After the test is over, the official version will be released uniformly, and the public beta version will not be released in the middle. The internal test log version has higher quota and requirements. It is recommended that upgrade explorers with testing experience prefer the log version.

nolog version: The log grab switch is turned off by default, which has no effect on the performance and battery life of the phone. If you encounter problems with the version, you can go to the upgrade early adopter circle of the OPPO community to report the version problem.

2. Before the upgrade, please back up your important personal data in advance to avoid data loss due to incompatibility or other situations after the upgrade.

3. After upgrading to Android 13, there may be situations where third-party applications cannot be used normally (such as flashback, freeze, black screen, power consumption, etc.). It is recommended that you try to update the application to the latest version in the software store first.

4. Within two days after the upgrade, a series of adaptation and optimization actions will be performed in the background of the system, which may cause the phone to become hot, freeze, and consume power quickly. It is recommended that you restart the phone after the screen is off after charging for 2 hours, or it will recover by itself after a period of normal use.

【Feedback method】

If you encounter any problems during the use of the upgraded internal beta version, you can give feedback in the Feedback Toolbox App (you can also enter *#800# through the dial pad to enter the APP).

Note: Please do not pass the information related to the internal test to any other platform other than the designated feedback channel, including but not limited to system interface, functions, update logs, internal test SMS, etc. Once found, the qualification for upgrading the internal test will be cancelled.

【How to apply】

1. Please make sure that your mobile phone version has been upgraded to the basic version A.08 (version number viewing method: Settings > About This Machine > Version Information > Version Number)

2. Please click “Settings > About This Device > Top Version Information (above “Mobile Name”) > Settings button in the upper right corner > Early adopter application > Upgrade internal beta” on the mobile phone, and then apply according to the prompts.

Due to the characteristics of internal testing, it is recommended that you fill in your real mobile phone number when registering. Users who have not filled in their mobile phone numbers/have not joined the internal testing community may experience problems such as: the problems reported in the internal testing have not been processed, they cannot obtain internal testing rewards, and they cannot receive subsequent versions normally. / Not joining the internal testing group] The organizer of the upgrade test event is not responsible for the above problems.


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