Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Series: All You Need To Know

Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro revealed in new leak

Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro revealed in new leakGalaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro revealed in new leak

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 series was officially announced on August 10 at the company’s latest Unpacked event. And although they weren’t the only new devices revealed, they’re certainly the most exciting for wearables enthusiasts. The Galaxy Watch 5 series includes two devices, just like last year’s setup. Although, this year Samsung isn’t doing the whole ‘standard’ and ‘classic’ thing. Instead, Samsung is changing things up just a tiny bit and won’t be using the Classic naming scheme.

There’s still the standard model, the Galaxy Watch 5. But instead of calling the more premium model the Galaxy Watch 5 Classic, Samsung is calling it the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. Both devices are fairly similar in terms of form and function. In fact, this year both watches look more similar than they have in the past.

They are however still different in enough ways to warrant buying one over the other. If you’d like to know about the main differences between the Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, you can read about it in our post here.

When is the Galaxy Watch 5 series releasing?

Samsung has officially confirmed today during Unpacked that the Galaxy Watch 5 and the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro will be launching on August 26. This is the official launch date meaning this is when you’ll be able to walk into a store and buy them, then walk out.

Update: August 26, 2024

The watch is now officially available globally.

Can you pre-order the watches?

3 081 lifestyle galaxy watch5 sapphire HI Large

Yes! You can actually pre-order them starting, August 10. Pre-ordering, as always, won’t guarantee that you’ll get the watch before everyone else. But it’s highly likely that you’ll end up with one on your doorstep on or soon after the official release date later this month. And depending on where you pre-order from, you may get it sooner than people who order from retailers that are different from your choice.

Where can you pre-order/purchase the Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro?

Basically every single major retailer where you can buy wearables. More specifically, if you were able to buy the Galaxy Watch 4 series or the Galaxy Watch 3 series at a particular retailer, or if they currently sell other Samsung mobile products, you can be assured the Galaxy Watch 5 series will be available there as well.

This includes Amazon, Best Buy, the major wireless carriers, and even Samsung directly. If you want to learn more about how to pre-order the Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro.

What regions will the watches be available in?

You’ll be able to pre-order or buy the watch at most major retailers, and like most of Samsung’s flagship products, the Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro will both be available globally. This means they’re bound for North America, as well as Europe, Asia, etc.

As for country specifics, make sure to check your local region.

Again though, you can use Samsung’s last smartwatch as a good indicator. If you were or are able to buy the Galaxy Watch 4 in your country, then you should be able to pre-order the new ones. Or buy them once they officially launch later this month.

Does the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 series run on Wear OS?

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Series 1

In fact, they do. Just like with the Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 series will run on Wear OS. This will be layered with Samsung’s One UI Watch software. Making for a more unique Wear OS experience compared to other Wear OS devices.

This means you’ll have access to features like Google Assistant, Google Pay, Google Maps, the Play Store, Samsung Pay, Bixby, Spotify, and many other features. And thankfully, things like Google Assistant and Google Pay will be available right out of the box this time. Unlike the Galaxy Watch 4 which had to wait nearly a year to get access to the former.

How much will each watch cost?

There are multiple price points to consider here. This is because there are two different models of the watch, and there are two different variants of each model. The Galaxy Watch 5 in Bluetooth will cost $279.99 in the 40mm size and $309.99 in the 44mm size. The LTE model will be $329.99 in the 40mm size and $359.99 in the 44mm size.

The Galaxy Watch 5 Pro on the other hand only comes in 45mm, but it does come in both a Bluetooth and LTE model. The Bluetooth model will be $449.99, and the LTE model will be $499.99. Now, these are prices directly from Samsung.

Prices may vary depending on where you buy the watch, which may be due to promotional pricing set by that particular retailer. Or it could be due to turn-ins. Keep in mind that if you have potential turn-ins, this is a way you could end up saving more money. These prices are also obviously set for USD. Check with retailers in your local region to see actual pricing for your area.

What colors will the watch be available in?

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Much like the cost, the color options will depend on which model and variant you buy. You can get the Galaxy Watch 5 in blue, silver, or gray if you pick it up in the 44mm size. If you go for the smaller 40mm option, it comes in gray, silver, and gold. Whether it’s Bluetooth or LTE has no impact on what color options there are at your disposal.

You also aren’t limited on band options. At least if you buy the watch directly from Samsung. You’ll have your choice of multiple styles and colors, regardless of the watch color you buy.

As for the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, it comes in 45mm and is available in either black or gray. You also appear to have one option for the bands here – the D-Buckle Sport band. You can however choose whether you want that in black or gray. So it can match the color of the watch, or not.

What are the biggest features?

For this section, we wanted to focus on the highlighted features for each watch. Which for the most part are the same. If one watch has something the other does not, we’ll be sure to note that to avoid confusion. Otherwise, assume that anything we mention in this section applies to both models.

With that out of the way, here’s what you’re looking at if you go pick up either device. When it comes to new features, Samsung has added a skin temperature sensor this time around. It’s also now using sapphire crystal glass on both watches. Although it is a bit more durable on the Pro model.

Samsung also improved the battery life of the watch this series. The Galaxy Watch 5 will last for up to 40 hours on a single charge. And the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro will last for up to 80 hours. Both are pretty big improvements over the Galaxy Watch 4 series.

Another new feature is route workouts. This allows you to download routes for your workouts that can then be stored in the watch. These can be used for turn-by-turn navigation, and they also provide haptic feedback to the wrist. This is a feature exclusive to the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro.

Both watches also offer advanced sleep coaching, advanced workout tracking, and the ability to sync workouts with friends and family with live challenges. The watches do a whole lot more than this, but these are some of the biggest features worth mentioning.

Does the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro have a rotating bezel?

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Series 2

Unfortunately, Samsung did indeed remove the rotating bezel for the watch this time around. While it’s still present on the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic, Samsung opted not to add it to the 5 Pro. Instead, the company implemented the touch bezel that was initially found on the Galaxy Watch Active 2. Both the Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro use this touch bezel.

So, while the intended function is the same, it just doesn’t have the same feel. We were partial to the rotating bezel. But some users much prefer the touch bezel because it has a more seamless design. And we do have to agree on that part. It does look a little cleaner.

Are the watches waterproof?

Both of Samsung’s new smartwatches have a waterproof rating of 5ATM/IP68. Which is no different from last year’s Galaxy Watch 4 series. Basically, feel free to wear it in the rain. Keep it on in the shower if you like (though we wouldn’t). Take a dip with it on. Each model is dust tight and can theoretically withstand depths of up to 50 meters under water.

Since most people likely aren’t going to be diving up to 50 meters with this watch on, chances are you will never have anything to worry about in this department. Your biggest daily concerns might be spills, rain, sweat, dirt, and the like. And both watches are protected against all of that.

Are there any available accessories?

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Colors

At current you’ll probably find a small number of accessories for both models. From Samsung directly you have a variety of different strap options. You can also get wireless chargers for the watch from Samsung. As for third-party accessories, this is where things will be light for a little bit.

There will always be tons of strap options. Since both watches don’t use any sort of proprietary strap connection. You simply need a strap that fits the width of the lugs for the model you choose. And that’s easy enough to find since there are many options already out there.

For accessories that are specific to the Galaxy Watch 5 and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, ZAGG makes screen protectors for both models. You can also go on Amazon and find outer shell cases made from TPU materials and the like that fit over the metal casing of the watch body. Think of this like those bumper cases for phones. Meant for protecting the metal from scratches and scuffs.

Can I use my old straps or bands with these new watches?

That depends. But, most likely yes. Some of the straps that Samsung launched alongside the Galaxy Watch 4 series last year are presented as options when choosing a strap for the Galaxy Watch 5 on Samsung’s online store. Which means the width between the lugs is the same. For the Galaxy Watch 5 at least.

Since the Pro model is 45mm, which is slightly larger than the non-Pro model, you may need to find new straps/bands to supplement the D-Buckle sport band that comes with it. That is assuming you want to have more than one option.

Personally, I find it nice to have a choice of what to use. This way I can slap on the strap that comes with the watch for most situations, but have something that is maybe a little nicer for something more formal. Say a metal or leather band. It all comes down to preference.

Worth mentioning is that last year’s Galaxy Watch 4 Classic came in a 46mm option. So there is a small chance that straps for that model will work with the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. If you have an old strap that you want to use, you can always test it. And if it doesn’t fit, then you’ll need to replace it.

What are the specs?

Below you’ll find the full list of official specs for each watch. Most of the specs are the same but there are a few differences based on the size and model.

Specs Galaxy Watch 5 Galaxy Watch 5 Pro
Screen size 1.19-inch (40mm)/1.36-inch(44mm) 1.36-inch
Screen resolution 396 x 396 (40mm)/450 x 450 (44mm) 450 x 450
SoC Exynos W920  Exynos W920
RAM 1.5GB 1.5GB
Storage 16GB 16GB
Battery 284mAh (40mm)/410mAh (44mm) 590mAh
Dimensions 40.4mm x 39.3mm x 9.8mm (40mm)/44.4mm x 43.3mm x 9.8mm (44mm) 45.4mm x 45.4mm x 10.5mm
Weight 29g (40mm)/32.8g (44mm) 46g
Connectivity BT 5.2 / Wi-Fi 2.4GHz & 5GHz / GPS / NFC / LTE10 BT 5.2 / Wi-Fi 2.4GHz & 5GHz  / GPS / NFC / LTE10
Sensors Acc (32g), Gyro, Barometer, Ambient Light, Compass, Optical Heart Rate Sensor (8pd), Electrical Heart Sensor (ECG), BIA, Continuous SpO2, Skin Temperature Sensor Acc (32g), Gyro, Barometer, Ambient Light, Compass, Optical Heart Rate Sensor (8pd), Electrical Heart Sensor (ECG), BIA, Continuous SpO2, Skin Temperature Sensor
OS Wear OS powered by Samsung (One UI Watch) Wear OS powered by Samsung (One UI Watch)
Material Aluminum Titanium
Price $279.99 (40mm BT), $309.99 (44mm BT)/ $329.99 (40mm LTE), $369.99 (44mm LTE)

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