Tesla Cybertruck unveiled at Los Angeles Auto Show, named Robotruck

An emerging company called Aitekx demonstrated an electric pickup truck called Robotruck at the Los Angeles Auto Show. The design of the vehicle is obviously inspired by the Tesla Cybertruck and it is reported that it will be launched in 2025.

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Aitekx is a company focused on the future of AI mobility, and its name represents the combination of AI + Tech + X. The company had a small booth in the auto show’s West Hall showing off its upcoming Robotruck.

The company claims that the Robotruck has excellent performance indicators, including an EPA cruising range of 550 miles (about 885.14 kilometers) (battery capacity is not announced, at least 200kWh), and an acceleration time of 0-60 mph of 3.5 seconds. , with a top speed of 125 mph.

The length of this vehicle ranges from 188 to 198 inches (approximately 4775-5029 mm) depending on configuration, and the width is 76.6 inches (approximately 1945 mm), which is much smaller than the Cybertruck, but Robotruck claims that the vehicle also has a 6-foot ( Approximately 182.88 cm) carriage, the same as that of the Cybertruck. Robotruck also said it would have a center door that could fold down the seats to make the cabin longer, a feature Tesla initially claimed but later lost track of.

Aitekx claims that this prototype is already on the road, but judging from the pictures taken by the media at the scene, the quality of the car is still a bit rough.

Aitekx has not yet announced the price of the car, but the company says it ultimately hopes to get it down to the $40,000 price range. Robotruck is currently taking pre-orders with a fully refundable $100 deposit.


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