5 Best PDF Reading Tools on the Internet

Which PDF editing tool is better to use?For those who like to read, PDF reading tools are a must-have, and most e-books and novel documents on the market now use PDF format. This format has the advantage of using printing and its own clarity. Compared with other document formats, it is inconvenient to perform operations such as annotation, annotation, and modification. Even opening it requires the help of Editar PDF online .

Why you need tools to read PDF files

PDF file is a document format with many advantages. It is easy to print and is not prone to typesetting misalignment, and the handwriting is not easy to lose the format and keep clear, so people will choose this format to circulate and save electronic files.

However, the PDF file adopts a complex tree structure, so that the commonly used office software cannot be opened. We need to use an online or local strategy to open the PDF file.

Of course, if you just want to open files, you may be able to find quite a few tools that support opening PDFs. However, their needs will be higher for people who like to read. Including annotations, highlights, notes and other functions, is there a full-featured editor with lightweight features on the market?

Editar PDF online– the best choice for reading lovers

Editar PDF online is an online tool that focuses on solving the requirements of readers to browse and annotate PDF e-books. The tool is developed by Abcd

Published on the PDF platform. Why choose it to read electronic text? Abcd is committed to providing one-stop PDF standard services to readers and office workers around the world, and has solved the problems of countless users and enterprises so far. More importantly, in order to popularize its online product, the platform announced that it will position Editar PDF online as a free product.

The tool has been optimized and recorded many times, and now it has become a multi-functional and stable online product. Readers only need to access the platform’s Editar PDF online tool, upload their PDF e-books, and then browse and mark them as they like. Don’t worry about usage restrictions, it’s a free reading tool in a sense.

Features that readers can’t put it down

PDF editor  online has too many functions that readers can’t put it down. In addition to opening any local PDF e-book for reading, readers can also perform operations such as annotation, highlighting, drawing lines, and adding notes at will.

Then, let’s test it first, first click on the platform’s “Editar PDF online ” tool, and then select “Select File” for local PDF file upload.

Select the Draw tool, you can move the mouse to any text paragraph, and after clicking on the field, you can add, delete, and color-change the corresponding text content.

Let’s start with a detailed introduction to the role of each editing tool, please refer to:

1. SmallPdf

Easy to use ✓ free online PDF editor to edit PDF files ✓ No registration or installation needed ✓ edit documents directly in your internet browser.
Edit PDF – Free PDF Editor Working Directly in your Browser – https://Smallpdf.com

2. PDF2Go

This online PDF editor allows you to directly edit a PDF document. Add text or images or draw boxes, circles and arrows on your PDF page.
1.Upload the file you want to edit.
2.Click on a page thumbnail on the left.
3.Choose an editing tool from the menu above the preview.
edit pdf easily at https://pdf2go.com

3. iLovePDF

Free online PDF Editor. Easily edit documents and add text, shapes, comments and highlights to a PDF file. Fill out PDF forms and modify your PDF by adding. Visit https://iLovePDF.com

4. PDF.online

PDF.online provides a free online PDF text editor for you to change any contents in your PDF. Simply select the file you want to edit, and use the online.

5. Adobe Pdf

What tools can I use to edit a PDF online? … Our free PDF editor tools let you add comments to documents when you sign in: … If you need more advanced PDF. Visit https://www.adobe.com 

Functions of Online Pdf Editor

function name



A blue dashed box will appear. When encountering an editable paragraph, it will turn into a “finger” icon. At this time, click the left button to add text, delete, change the format, change the color, bold, underline and other processing of the paragraph.

Add Image

After clicking, select the local image and drag it to the desired position with the mouse.

Highlight Area

Drag the quad to make the coverage change color.

Highlight Text

The cursor can only select text and highlight text or paragraphs.


Drag the quad to leave the overlay area blank.


After the mouse arrow selects the text, it enters the editable state. The difference from “Edit” is that there is no blue dotted frame around the mouse when it is activated.


After selecting this plugin, you can draw lines in the PDF content selection area.

Text Box

Drag the selection to resize the text box, then edit the text.


For text replacement, input the characters before replacement in the front box, and input the characters displayed after replacement in the rear box.


Use circles and ovals to mark content.


Sign, enter text on the left, the effect will be displayed on the right, and you can choose a color.



Which PDF editing tool is better to use?The above content introduces you to the reading tools that are most beneficial to readers. PDF online editor supports online browsing of PDF e-books and highlights, edits, signs, annotates, and screens the content. , is a multifunctional free reading tool.

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