Trick On How To Solve Any Mathematical Problems

Are you wondering how some people good in mathematics and it’s always gives you thought time? In this article, we’ll enlighten, gives you hints and you’ll become mathematician by reading it painstakingly.

Firstly, always makes sure you are on your right mood.

Don’t Neither force yourself nor inconvenient your self, makes sure you are not angry, hungry, over stress and and tired before carrying it. If you experience one of this thing we mentioned then you are not good go but if you didn’t then you are on point.

Secondly, try to put your mind at rest and put your brain at work.

Don’t try to think anything out of what you are doing, make sure you pay maximum attention and stay away from anything that can distract you.

Always try to understand the question you want to solve and make sure you think deep And faster before attempt it.


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Let look at this question and see how to go about it.

A father is 25 years older than his son, the sum of their ages is 53 years. Find their ages.

Before you start attempting it you have to think how you can go about it and think deeply. Let first start by representing both father and son by X and Y.

let: age of father=x
age of his son =y
father is 25 years older than his son.
means that
the sum of their ages is 53 years
means that
now from (1) and (2)
======== (cancel y because y-y=0 and x+x=2x)
sub value of x in (1)
(39)-y=25(here we need to make y the subject)


x=39(age of father)


y=14(age of son)

Hope you see how the answer was done easily without any confusion and stressed it just a matter of understanding.

How To Solve Any Mathematics Problems

Lastly, re-observe your workings and figure out you mistake if they is any and try to solve more exercise as long as you can.

Don’t try to skip a day without attempt any questions and trying looks for someone who’s know more than you do whenever you come across any questions passing your knowledge.

I think we’ll pause here, if they is any questions you want to ask feel free to drop it in comment box below.

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