All the Transactions You Can Do On ‘ GTBank Mobile Banking App’

All the Transactions You Can Do On ‘ GTBank Mobile Banking App’
All the Transactions You Can Do On ‘ GTBank Mobile Banking App’

All the Transactions You Can Do On ‘ GTBank Mobile Banking App’

Guaranty Trust Bank is one of the commercial banks that has adopted financial technology to facilitate its banking services. Through the GTBank mobile banking app, you can perform various transactions anywhere and anytime.

GTBank has a mobile app and a USSD code that her customers can use to execute the go. If you have an account with GTBank, you must know that the internet banking platform will help you do several financial transactions easily.

Download the app from play store below

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Regardless of the type of account, you have with the bank: savings, current, or domiciliary, you will get to know the type of transactions the app allows you to make.

There are lots of features to enjoy on the GTBank mobile app. In this post, you will learn about some transactions and features you can do on the GTWorld mobile banking platform.

If you have an account with GTBank, you will need to use their internet banking service to do day-to-day transactions. There are lots of things that you can do on the GTBank mobile banking service.

This article will provide you with a list of the top transactions you can do on the first bank mobile internet banking platform.

The world is in a digital era; in this millennium, technological innovations such as financial technology and mobile banking were created to help you to perform financial transactions easily and quickly.


All the Transactions You Can Do On ‘ GTBank Mobile Banking App’



30 Easy Transactions You Can Do On The GTBank Mobile Banking App

Without much ado, below is a round down of the transactions you can do on the GTbank mobile and internet banking systems.

1. Account Overview

This app allows you to check your account balance. You are credited when money comes into your account and debits when money is removed from your account.

It is challenging to know the amount in your bank account without checking your account balance – especially if you do many daily transactions. The mobile app provides you with information about your account transactions.

2. Card Management Service

You can also manage your debit card or credit app from the GTBank mobile app. Due to the high fraud rate and financial crimes, GTBank customers can manage everything connected to their accounts from the bank app.

3. Protect Your ATM Card

The GTBank mobile banking app allows you to protect your ATM card. If you notice that someone knows your PIN, you can change the ATM PIN right with the app.

4. Block Your ATM Card

If you lose your card or if your card gets stolen, you can block it with the GTWorld app. Never take chances when you lose your ATM card because scammers can drain everything in your account.

When you block your card, it becomes useless, and the thief will not be able to get access to your account or tamper with your money.

5. Request For A New ATM Card

If your ATM card expires or you lose your former ATM card, you can request a new ATM with the app.

6. Request For A Dollar Card

If you operate a normal or standard savings or current account with GTB, your ATM card will default to be a Naira card. On the other hand, if you operate a domiciliary account, your credit card will be a Dollar card.

If you need a dollar card to withdraw your funds, you can request the card from the GTBank app.

7. Request for Account Statement

You can get your account statement and view the history of your account transactions in the previous months. The account statement can be downloaded in PDF format for you to view later. There is an option to send your account statement to third parties.

8. Confirm A Cheque

Additionally, GTBank customers can use the bank’s mobile app to confirm a cheque.

9. Request For A New Cheque Book

You can order and request a new checkbook from the app if you need a new one from your account.

10. Cardless Withdrawal

The GTBank mobile app lets you withdraw funds from your account without an ATM card. You don’t need to go to the bank or have an ATM card to withdraw your money.

Instead, the app has been designed for you to withdraw money from ATMs without your credit and debit cards. If you need cash urgently and do not have your credit card, you can still withdraw money from your account.

11. Remita Payment

If you want to wish to make payment for Remita services such as JAMB ePIN, school fees, hostel fees, etc., you can make the payment with the GTBank internet banking platform.

12. Send Money to GTBank Accounts

All the Transactions You Can Do On ‘ GTBank Mobile Banking App’

You can send money to other GTBank customers from the FirstMobile App. As you know, the transaction costs for sending money to First bank accounts are relatively low than sending money to other banks.

Since you can send money from the app, you do not need to fill deposit slips in the bank hall.


13. Transfer Money to Other Banks

Alternatively, you can send money to people who have accounts with other banks in Nigeria. Financial transfers made on the GTBank mobile and internet banking platforms are known to be fast and secure.

14. Apply For Loans

You can also view the GTBank Loan offers and apply for the loan with the mobile app. The money will be sent to your GTBank account if your loan application is accepted.

15. Receive Bank Messages & Notifications

GTBank frequently sends her customers messages about her latest offers, promotions, news, and services. As a GTBank customer, you shouldn’t deform yourself and deny yourself the privilege of getting messages from the bank.

You can view messages and notifications on the bank’s mobile app.

16. Pay For Insurance

You can use the GTB mobile app to pay for the services of any insurance company in Nigeria.

17. Grow Your Savings

You can grow your savings and keep track of your savings in the GTBank mobile banking app.

18. Pay Taxes & Levies

Tax is a civic responsibility a good citizen is one who pays his or her taxes. You can pay your taxes and other community levies on the GTBank internet banking platform.

19. Pay Toll Fees

You can pay your toll fees on the GTBank mobile banking platform.

20. Pay Tithes & Offerings

Another transaction you can do on the app is to pay tithes and offerings. The payment is made to the account of your church or religious organization.

21. Pay Visa Fees

If you want to pay for Visa to leave the country, you can use the GTBank mobile app to make the payment.


22. Pay Flight Tickets

If you are planning to leave the country or travel to another part of the country by air, use the GTWorld app to pay for your flight tickets.

23. Book Hotels

Apart from booking and paying for your flight tickets, the GTBank internet mobile banking service enables you to book hotels.

24. Change Your Details

Furthermore, you can edit or change your bank details and data, including your name, email address, phone number, and other details associated with your account.

For instance, the mobile app allows you to do this if you want to receive debit/credit alerts on a new phone number.

25. Buy Data

The GT Mobile app also allows you to purchase data for your smartphone. You can buy data on any network, including MTN, Glo, 9Mobile, and Airtel. Even if you are not buying for yourself, you can use the app to purchase data for other people.

26. Buy Airtime

Moreover, you have the option of buying airtime on your mobile phone. When you purchase airtime, the amount of airtime gets into your phone instantly without dialing any recharge card code.

This is a convenient way of recharging your phone in Nigeria. The GT Bank Airtime Recharge Code will help you to get airtime using the available funds in your bank account.

Asides from buying airtime for yourself, you can purchase airtime for other people including your friends and family members. You can buy airtime on any telecom network, including MTN, Airtel, 9mobile and Glo networks.

27. Pay Electricity Bills

If you are looking for a reliable way to pay your electricity bills, you can try using the GTBank mobile app. You can pay utility bills from the GTWorld mobile banking application.

28. Pay For Cable TV Subscription

You can make payment to subscribe to your DSTV, TSTV, StarTimes, GOTv, IrokoTV, MyTV, Montage cable TV, Mercy Television Ltd and other cable TV networks.

29. Pay For Internet Services

Apart from the four major telecommunication networks (MTN, Glo, 9mobile, and Airtel), other broadband internet service providers, such as Ntel, Spectranet, Smile communications, Telnet Nigeria Ltd, Swift, etc., offer internet-related services.

The GTB internet mobile banking allows you to make payments to subscribe and renew your internet subscription.

30. Pay School Fees And Tuition Fees

It is no more news that some schools and educational institutions allow parents to pay fees online. Paying the school fees of your choice online is a secure and hassle-free way of making payments.

More than 200 schools in Nigeria are enlisted on the GT mobile banking app. Some of these educational institutions include Abia State Polytechnic, Adesoye College, Adorable British College, Chrisland Schools, Jewels, and Pearls Private School, Bishop House Schools, and lots more.

If the school of your child or ward is listed in this app, it will be easy for you to make the school fees payment, payment for tuition fees, and other fees required by the school.

Bottom Line               

This article has shown you the transactions you can do on the GTBank internet banking platform. GTWorld is the official mobile banking app of Guaranty Trust Bank. The app is available for smartphone users on Android and iOS. Conclusively, the GTWorld mobile app allows you to easily perform and process financial transactions.

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