How to Migrate from MTN Pulse Plan – Updated October, 2024

How to Migrate from MTN Pulse Plan - Updated October, 2022


Are you tired of using the MTN Pulse tariff plan for one reason or the other? Then, stick to this post to learn how to migrate from MTN Pulse to normal.

Maybe you don’t like the tariff plan service anymore, your airtime is being swept off too quickly, or you no longer get bonuses on the tariff plan anymore.

Those are some major reasons why people switch tariff plans. Whether you find the perfect reasons for you or not, here in this post, I’ll show you exactly how to migrate from MTN Pulse to normal.

When I say normal, I mean how to migrate from MTN Pulse to other tariff plans on MTN where you can get bountiful bonuses including 5X bonus on every recharge, lots of data bonuses on every recharge, and tons of amazing special data offers to enjoy.

I guess you can’t wait to see how. Then, just keep reading gently to find out more.

How to Migrate from MTN Pulse Plan - Updated October, 2024How to Migrate from MTN Pulse Plan - Updated October, 2024

Migrating from MTN Pulse to Normal

First things first. Let’s talk a little about the MTN Pulse tariff plan and other plans you can migrate to on MTN apart from the Pulse.

Pulse is a prepaid tariff plan on the MTN network that gives bonuses on every recharge, offers an extremely cheap call rate of 11.26k/sec, and also sends special data offers to customers.

To further explain, MTN Pulse let you call all local networks in Nigeria at a rate of 11.26 kobo per second after the first 60 seconds of your call. You’ll also get bountiful bonuses on every recharge which include a 10MB of free data for N100 airtime recharge, 20MB when you recharge N200, and the list goes on.

On the other hand, there are lots and lots of beneficial tariff plans you can switch to on MTN if you don’t like the MTN pulse tariff plan anymore.

From tons of data and airtime bonuses on every recharge to cheap call and SMS rates, and even special data offers at cheap and discounted prices, those other MTN tariff plans offer a lot of benefits to customers.

However, you can’t enjoy these benefits if you are currently on the MTN Pulse tariff plan. Therefore, you need to know how to migrate from MTN Pulse to normal.

Note: Migrating from MTN Pulse to normal simply means migrating from MTN Pulse to other tariff plans.

Now, let’s see how.

How to Migrate from MTN Pulse to Other Tariff Plans

From USSD method to SMS and even online, there are lots of ways to migrate from MTN Pulse to normal.

However, before migrating, you need to know a good tariff plan to switch to. Below are some.

  • MTN BetaTalk: You will get 500% Bonus on every recharge on this tariff plan.
  • MTN XtraValueYou can make 40 minutes calls with just N300 on this plan, and also get tons of special data offers.
  • MTN Awuf4UYou’ll get 5X the value of the amount you recharge as bonus with this offer.
  • MTN TruTalk: You can make calls at 11.26k/sec and also get free 10MB data bonus every month on this plan.
  • MTN mPulseGet access to educational content, cheap data offers and cheap call rate.

Click the link below to see how to migrate to any of those plans.

Alternatively, you can migrate from MTN Pulse to normal by simply following the steps below.

  • Dial *123#
  • Select the option for “Tariff Plans”
  • Reply with the option for your preferred plan.
  • Select option – to migrate.

Via MTN App and Website

You can also migrate from MTN Pulse to normal through the MTN website or App by following the steps below.

Via Website:

  • Logon to
  • Enter your phone number.
  • Enter OTP and select ‘Proceed’.
  • On the top right corner of the home page, click your name.
  • Select My Plan.
  • Select Other Plans.
  • Select your preferred tariff plan.

Via App:

  • Login to myMTN App
  • Select Other Plans
  • Then, select your preferred tariff plan.

See also;

Why Migrate from MTN Pulse to Other Tariff Plans

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why people switch to other tariff plans from the Pulse tariff plan on MTN.

  • 500% bonus on every recharge on other tariff plans.
  • Cheaper call rates on other tariff plans.
  • Cheaper data bundles on other tariff plans.
  • Tons of special offers on other tariff plans.
  • Free monthly bonus on other tariff plans.


MTN Pulse is good, and in fact, it is one of the best tariff plans on the MTN network. However, leaving it for other tariff plans could you a good idea especially when you want to enjoy more of the network’s benefits.

I believe by now, you should know that how to migrate from MTN pulse to normal is simply by migrating to other tariff plans on MTN. And also you should have known a better tariff plan by now.

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