How to Watch Showmax in any Country: USA, Canada, UK, Europe, India etc.

Watch Showmax Outside, Nigeria, South Africa, Africa when you Travel anywhere in the World.

Showmax is available in many countries outside Africa, especially in Europe. However, some of the streaming service’s most premium African TV shows, movies, and sports maybe blocked outside Africa. This means if you are going on a vacation or on a business trip outside African and counting on catching up with your favourite TV shows and movies, we may face some disappointments. In this article we show you how to watch Showmax in USA, Canada, UK, Europe, India, or just about anywhere in the world just like you are in your home country.

Most of Showmax premium African content or even Showmax itself maybe blocked outside Africa. For example, while you can watch Big Brother Naija across Africa, the popular TV show maybe blocked outside Africa.

This is because like most streaming services they offer different streaming catalog for each country. The entire app may even be completely blocked in countries like the United States, Canada, and India.

If you travel outside Africa regularly and want to stream on Showmax, you will need a good VPN to swap out your travel destination IP address with your country of origin or another country with access to the particular content you want to watch.

Why you may want to watch Showmax Outside Africa

There are a number of reasons why you may want to watch Showmax outside Nigeria, South Africa, and Africa generally. However, all revolves around wanting to keep watching your favourite TV shows, movies, and live sports when in a foreign country.

You maybe going to another country for vacation or for business, but do not want to miss an episode of your favourite TV show. It may even be a country where the language is not known to you making it near impossible to follow local TV.

You may also be a recent migrant to the United States, United Kingdom, or Canada, but still want to feel at home with the content you love.

How to Stream Showmax in the USA, Canada, UK, Europe, India, Worldwide

Like we have discussed so far, you will not be able to watch your favourite movies, TV shows, and live sports on Showmax when outside you home country except such content is accessible in your current country.

To remove the Geo-restriction currently preventing you from accessing such content, you would need a good VPN. In choosing a VPN, find one with Servers and IP addresses in your home country.

This ensures that although you are browsing from outside your home country, by using the VPN to select a server in your home country it would appear as though you are streaming from your home country, giving you unrestricted access to your favourite TV shows, movies, and live sports.

Best VPN for Watching Showmax in USA, Canada, UK, Europe, India, Worldwide

Here are the best VPN for watching and streaming ShowMax when outside Africa:

1. ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is a top rated VPN service for streaming Showmax. The service offers servers in South Africa or Kenya. You also get a 30 day money back guarantee. You get best in class encryption with AES 256 and can support up to 5 devices simultaneously. This service also offers you the best in class privacy with private DNS.

2. BulletVPN

BulletVPN comes highly recommended for unblocking Showmax and DSTV. It is a good choice if you want to pick South Africa as your location. With 17 servers in the country, they come highly recommended by users. It supports up to 6 devices simultaneously.

With support for 55 countries including all the best premium content regions, you get the best of both worlds.

3. Ivacy VPN

With over 3500 servers in more than 100 locations, Ivacy VPN is one of the best VPN providers as far as coverage is concerned. It is also a good VPN for Nigeria.

In Africa, the service boasts of 62 servers in 3 Showmax regions namely: South Africa, Nigeria, and Seychelles.

4. PureVPN

This is another option with good coverage in Africa, boasting 89 servers in 4 Showmax regions in the continent, namely: South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Angola. PureVPN supports 256-bit encryption, p2p tunneling, and can be used with up to 10 login accounts.

5. NordVPN

NordVPN is a good option if you want to pick South Africa as your location as that is the only relevant Showmax country. You can connect up to 6 devices simultaneously. For more info, Visit Site.

6. UnLocator

Unlocator offers both VPN and Smart DNS services and works for both Showmax and DSTV App. It is one of the best options for picking South Africa. Smart DNS is more affordable, but does not offer encryption and privacy benefits of VPN. The service also offers a free trial period which means you can see if it works for you before making any commitment.

You may also be interested in the Best VPN for DSTV.

A Note about VPN

While in theory connecting to any of the VPN services listed above will unblock Showmax once you pick a server in your home country. In practice it is not as easy as that.

This is because content platforms like Showmax are actively scanning for IP addresses from VPN and blocking then. This is why you need to also go for a VPN provided that refreshes its IP address stock in order to be ahead.

That is our guide on how to watch Showmax in USA, Canada, UK, Europe, and India with unlimited access to loads of movies, series, live sports, and more on-demand. Hope you found our suggestions?


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