Vivo X100 and vivo X100 Pro Series Released

the vivo X100 series new product launch conference held tonight, vivo officially released the vivo X100 series of mobile phones, including vivo X100 and vivo X100 Pro.

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In terms of appearance, the vivo X100 series continues the oriental aesthetics of “a round sky and a square earth”. It is inspired by the sun, moon and stars, and adopts a sun-moon double ring design made of mirror stainless steel (X100 is a smart moon ring, and X100 Pro is an atmospheric sun ring). The “sunray” process is created on the outside of the ring, and it is paired with a slightly curved screen design with the smallest curvature in the history of the X series.

The vivo X100 series offers four new colors, the technologically romantic “Star Trail Blue”, which transforms the stars into faint lines, imprinting the starry sky on the phone; the elegant and hazy “White Moonlight”, creating a pure ethereal realm; and the restrained brilliance. “Chen Ye Black” has a sense of space technology, as if there are stars looming in the sky; warm and bright “Sunset Orange” has a new water ripple texture. The plain leather uses double-roll deep dyeing technology, which is waterproof, wear-resistant and easy to clean.


In terms of performance, the vivo X100 series is the world’s first equipped with the Dimensity 9300 mobile platform jointly developed by vivo and MediaTek. It uses a full-core CPU, a 12-core flagship GPU, and an APU790 with a built-in generative AI engine. In addition, the X100 series also debuts LPDDR5T in the world, with a rate of up to 9.6Gbps. According to officials, the vivo X100 AnTuTu V10 has a comprehensive running score (laboratory environment) of 2.24 million points.

The vivo X100 series debuts vivo’s self-developed Blue Ocean battery. The standard version is equipped with a battery with an equivalent capacity of 5000mAh, which can continuously listen to music for up to 105 hours and stand by for up to 10 days. It supports 120W dual-core flash charging and can be charged to 50% in 11 minutes at the fastest; It supports zero-voltage quick start. When the phone is out of power, it only takes 4 seconds to turn off the phone and light up the logo.

Vivo X100 Pro is equipped with an equivalent 5400mAh blue ocean battery. The battery energy density is increased by 8.3% compared to the previous generation, and the charging power reaches 100W.

In terms of screen, the vivo X100 series is equipped with a 6.78-inch 2800×1260 Super Retina 8T eye-protecting slightly curved screen with a peak brightness of up to 3000nit; using 8T LTPO backplane technology, the frame rate jumps to 3 times that of the previous generation Pro+; by rewriting Android The frame rate recognition control algorithm is officially said to be able to achieve 90 frames of power consumption and 120 frames of smoothness; it supports the new night owl eye protection function: 360-degree environmental sensor, Azurite deeply customized chip IP, retinal comfort human factor model, which can Create personalized eye protection strategies for users’ eyes.

In terms of imaging, the standard version of vivo X100 is equipped with Zeiss super telephoto: periscope structure design, f / 2.57 super large aperture blessing, the amount of light input is increased by 85.5% compared to the previous generation Pro +; the newly upgraded vivo original image engine allows telephoto pictures The quality has been greatly improved; it also supports telephoto and macro, allowing you to shoot both near and far. There is also a newly customized IMX920 super-sensitive VCS bionic main camera with an f/1.57 ultra-large aperture.

Vivo X100 Pro is known as this year’s imaging ceiling. It is equipped with an IMX989 precision jump one-inch outsole main camera, which can directionally correct the offset light to achieve improved surrounding image quality and overall clarity. There is also a new T* coating, which reduces the reflectivity by 50% compared to the previous generation, bringing a clearer HDR effect.

vivo X100 Pro is equipped with the world’s only mobile phone telephoto lens certified by Zeiss APO. This telephoto lens adopts a grouped floating periscope structure to improve the problem of impaired resolution under traditional designs, allowing the vivo X100 Pro to have the largest aperture in vivo’s history and an ultra-high-quality 100mm focal length telephoto.

Vivo X100 Pro is equipped with vivo’s self-developed imaging chip V3, which officials say will push mobile phones into the era of computational photography. The new phone supports full-link 4K-level processing, flexible picture focus switching, movie-level video skin tone protection, and Android’s first 4K movie portrait post-shooting editing.

Vivo X100 Pro challenges the ultimate scene of telephoto photography and launches “Telephoto Suspended Sun”. Zeiss APO super telephoto, the floating periscope structure design brings a large aperture, the telephoto anti-shake effect is powerful, and the image quality can be maintained even at ultra-long distances.

vivo X100 Pro has also newly upgraded “Zeiss Full Focus Portrait”, providing 5 golden focal lengths for professional portrait shooting. According to officials, the new portrait algorithm under vivo’s original image engine is more refined and professional in terms of detail clarity, blur transition effect, and portrait tone.

It is worth mentioning that the vivo X100 series uses three Zeiss core technologies: Zeiss APO lens, Zeiss floating lens group, and new Zeiss T* coating.

In terms of system, the vivo X100 series is first equipped with vivo’s new OriginOS 4, which comprehensively upgrades more than 200 commonly used functions, bringing better vision and interaction. It also designs a new weather screen off and a new scene wallpaper specifically for the 8T screen. There are also wonderful and convenient digital functions: full-link parking assistant, full-link conference assistant, vivo office suite, and smart experiences such as family health manager.

In addition, the vivo X100 series is equipped with the Blue Heart Xiao V, which is the first mobile phone in the industry to run through 13 billion large models, supports 7 billion large models on the device, and is immediately open to user experience. It is the most powerful AI large model in vivo’s history. Cell phones, the smartest smartphones. The AI ​​product Lanxin XiaoV based on the Lanxin large model supports conversations with it in the most natural language. It also supports functions such as document summary, mind mapping, keyword search for photos, AI passerby invisibility, and offline summary of documents.

Naijatechnews noticed that vivo X100 Pro is also equipped with a “Universal Signal Amplification System” to enhance multiple signal strengths in an all-round way. The “Wi-Fi wall penetration mode” jointly developed by vivo’s blue crystal chip technology stack and MTK has also been applied to vivo X100 Pro. Officials say that it can still connect to WiFi smoothly even if it is separated by 4 walls; there is also the blessing of “arrogant navigation”, You can plan the correct route as soon as you leave the basement.

In other aspects, vivo X100 supports infrared remote control, full-scenario NFC, stereo dual speakers, X-material linear motors, and IP68 dustproof and waterproof.

Pre-orders for the vivo X100 series have been opened, priced from 3,999 yuan, and will be officially launched on November 21.

vivo X100 is priced as follows:

  • 12GB+256GB priced at $548.51

  • 16GB+256GB priced at  $589.66

  • 16GB+512GB priced at  $630.81

  • 16GB+1TB priced at  $685.68

  • 16GB+1TB (LPDDR5T version) priced at $699.39

vivo X100 Pro is priced as follows:

  • 12GB+256GB priced at $685.68

  • 16GB+512GB priced at $754.26

  • 16GB+1TB (LPDDR5T version) priced at $822.84

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