How To Check GLO Data Balance – Updated October, 2024

How To Check GLO Data Balance - Updated October, 2022

Are you looking for how to check your GLO Data balance? If yes, then I am happy to tell you that you need not search elsewhere again as you are going to find everything you are looking for here on NaijatechnewsSo, stay with me while I put you through different means you can view your GLO data plan account balance.

A lot of people are searching online every single day on; How to Check GLO Data Balance, how to view GLO balance in Nigeria, how to check GLO Data balance via SMS, how to check GLO Data balance online, how to view airtime data balance code, how to view GLO Data balance on modem, router, mifi, & laptop, code to check GLO Data Plan and other related search.

How To Check GLO Data Balance - Updated October, 2024How To Check GLO Data Balance - Updated October, 2024

If you are among those who are searching for those queries, then you are not alone!

So, stay with me to the end of this post! I will explain all the guidelines you need to s your GLO Data balance 2024. I will give you three good and simple ways to check your airtime data balance.

So, without wasting much time, let’s get down to business!

How To Check GLO Data Balance online In Nigeria

GLO is one of the fastest growing telecommunication network companies in Nigeria. GLO offers bonuses, cheap data plans, cheap call rates, and other amazing services to their customers!

Ways to View GLO Data Balance

  1. You can view GLO data balance by using USSD Code
  2. Via SMS (Short Message Sent)
  3. You can view data balance via GLO mobile app

Stay with me while I explain the methods listed above.

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How to Check GLO Data Balance via USSD Code

To v GLO data balance using USSD code, follow the following steps;

  • Dial *127*0# and your data balance will be displayed on your screen.
  • Or dial *777#, then press 2, and then 4 to check your data balance.

How to Check GLO Data Balance via SMS

If the USSD code is not working or you just prefer this method, then follow this steps to check your balance on GLO

  • Text INFO to 127 and a message will be sent to you showing you your data balance and expiry date.

How to view Data Balance on GLO Online (GLO Mobile App)

  • Down!oad GLO Cafe app on play store or app store.
  • Launch the app
  • If you are new user, click on the new user
  • Enter your phone number and click on request OTP
  • Enter the OTP code send to you and click next
  • Now, enter the pin you want to use.
  • Once you enter the pin, your dashboard will be displayed and on your dashboard, you get to see your airtime and data balance.
  • And if you have already sign up to the GLO CAFE, then click on the existing user
  • Enter your phone number
  • Then your PIN
  • Then your data balance will be on your dashboard.

Wait! Do you want to know if you have data bonuses or not? Okay, if yes, then continue reading! Let me give you a bonus on how to check GLO data bonus! Smile!!!

Also check;

How to Check GLO Bonus Balance

To check your data bonus on GLO, simply dial #122# or #122*2#.

I am confident that this post has successfully satisfied your search intent but if by any chance you still have any questions, kindly drop it in the comment box below.

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How to check Glo data balance? Running a search on this very blog, I realized I haven’t talked on the subject matter. My bad!

I have talked on how to actually do this if using a BlackBerry plan. However, up until this particular year being 2018, glo blackberry plans are no longer active.

Its just sad that the once famous plan, no longer exists. To be clear, the glo bis plan was actually discontinued two years ago. 2016 to be exact.


These days, pretty much every glo user, uses the normal glo internet data subscription. These same data subscriptions can be used on Android, iOS and computers. To be clear, it can be used on every device that utilizes internet. Glo offers 4G LTE service to some selected places in the country. It is also worth mentioning that glo currently offers the most affordable data plans compared to what other GSM operators are offering in the country.

Since the blackberry plan is no longer active, I have decided to talk on how to check glo data balance if using the regular data plans.

3 Simple Steps To Check Glo Data Balance

Glo Data balance can be checked in pretty much different ways. However, here, I’d be disclosing 3 simple ways you can achieve this.

Hence, relax and let’s sort this out together.

Step #1:  Via USSD code

This is perhaps, the simplest way to check your data subscription balance on glo network.

Simply dial *127*0# and your data balance alongside validity period will be displayed.

If for some reason network tend to intercept, you should consider step 2 below.

Step #2: Via Text Message

Yes, you can check your glo data plan balance via text message. This is useful in the case where network refuses to display your data balance via USSD. Or perhaps, you just want to have your data balance stored on your phone.

To check your glo data balance via this step, send INFO in a text message, to 127.

In a few seconds, the details should be received.

Step #3: Via Web Address

Using web address method in checking your data balance on the glo network is particularly useful in a case when you are surfing the internet on your computer and your phone isn’t within reach.

Or perhaps, you are connected on your computer via a glo modem or any modem using the glo sim.

To check your data plan balance via this method, simply visit

Please note, you should only visit that address when connected to the glo network.


So, there you have it guys. That’s basically the 3 simple steps to checking your glo data plan subscription balance. Questions? Feel free to relate using the comment session.

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